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Centre Rules & Regulations

Ark Sports has the vision to promote a Great Sporting and Fun Experience. Its vision to make its visitors or competitors to The Ark feel safe and enjoy every moment of their time here, we at Ark Sports hold the rights to suspend/ban, without warning, any player(s) or team(s) from this centre or competitions organized by us for:
  1. The entire Centre and Car Park area is a Smoke Free and Alcohol Free ZoneUnder no circumstances are we to promote Smoking and Alcohol to our visitors or competitors within this organization.
  2. Foul and abusive language directed at umpires, staff members, other players or spectators from other teams. 
  3. Rough and/or dangerous play on the field. 
  4. Striking another player, spectator, umpire or staff member. 
  5. Fighting, either on or off the playing area. 
  6. Dangerous or unsportsmanlike play towards others on the playing field. 
  7. Refusing to adhere to umpires rulings on the court.
  8. Damage or destruction caused to any equipment or property owned by Ark Sports. 
  9. Forfeiting 3 consecutive games during a season. 
  10. Team/Individual Player Game Fees overdue by more than seven (7) days, either part or in full. 
Other rules and regulations to be adhered to while playing at this centre:
  1. The umpire’s decision is final. They may penalize the disputing team with whatever is considered appropriate under the rules of that game. 
  2. The umpire has the right to warn against harassment from off the court from either players or spectators. The offending team will be penalized and the players and/or spectators will be asked to leave the premises. 
  3. No Refunds will be given for game payments that have been paid prior to a team or players dismissal from a competition. 
  4. A refund will only be given to a team if they have paid a team bond or if they have paid in advance for the season.
Registration & Insurance
This is payable at time of registering online, this is a full 12 months of registration & insurance with The Ark Sport Centre. 
It entitles you to play in an unlimited amount of teams per year.

Game Payments
All teams must pay match fee’s prior to the start of the allotted game, prices are based on a per player payment, remembering the minimum number of players per game that’s competing comes into consideration, please refer to the Minimum players chart later in these rules. 

Forfeiting a Game
When you nominate a team to play in our competitions, you are then obligated to play and pay for every round.

If your team must forfeit any competition round and you provide 24 hrs notice the minimum game payment must still be paid and you will lose three (3) competition points and your opposition will receive three (3) competition points. This payment is due when you play your following game.

If your team forfeits on the day of the game, you must pay your maximum game payment as well as your opposition’s maximum game payment and you will lose three (3) competition points and your opposition will receive three (3) competition points. This payment is due when you play your following game.

Team Playing Card
At the start of each competition game each individual must register that they are here to play on the Spawtz System located at the Kiosk Touch Pad Screens, then pay your game fees to the staff via Cash or EFT. 

Staff will then mark players off the Team Sheet Card that payment has been received.

Short of Players

* Cricket – Minimum players 6
* Netball – Minimum players 5
* Soccer – Minimum players 4
If your team does not have the minimum number of players to start your game on time you may have to forfeit the game, if you need to borrow from your opposition we will allow the game to go ahead however the opposition will receive forfeit points.

Net abuse
Net abuse will not be tolerated within the centre.

A player can rebound off the nets however a player may not step on, land on, hold on to or jump into the nets on purpose.

Penalty: Umpires will firstly warn teams/individual players if they breach this rule. If breach continues the umpire has the right to deduct points from the teams score and management reserves the right to remove the offending player from the court.

Pulling out of a Competition
If your team decides to pull out of a competition you will be fined an amount equal to the maximum game fees payable for the remaining number of rounds in that competition.

There will be no exceptions to these rules!

At the time of pulling your team out of the competition, if you believe that your reasons for leaving are reasonable please put your case in writing and give to Centre Management for consideration.

Individual Sport Rules

To read the rules for each individual sports please go to the Let's Play page.

Let the Fun Begin!

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