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Indoor Cricket Port Macquarie


@ The Ark Sports Centre
Port Macquarie, Australia

Summary of Indoor Netball Rules

The Ark Indoor Sports (TAIS) plays under the Indoor Netball Australian rules with amendments for
centre rules.
  1. No jewellery to be worn (wedding band only which must be adequately taped)
  2. Fingernails to be cut short or gloves may be worn
  3. One umpire shall officiate the game and their decisions are final and shall be given without appeal
  4. Captains toss prior to the match to determine centre pass and direction of play
  5. Each player to fill out their player log in prior to commencement of play
  6. Late comers can enter the court after a goal is scored, at an interval or play stopped for injury/illness
  7. In the case of any blood from a player, the player will be asked to leave the court to be treated and remove any blood from skin and/or clothing prior to returning to the game
  8. The nets do not constitute another player, if a pass is thrown into a net the thrower cannot touch the ball until it is touched by another player or the goal post otherwise it will be classed as 'play your own' and a free pass awarded to the non-offending team
  9. Skins scoring system will apply for each quarter, this gains more points to teams which is tallied to their for and against statistics.
The following Net Abuse Rule applies:
  1. A player can brush the net, other than brushing the net at no time can a player make contact with the net whether they are in possession of the ball or not;
  2. A player may not step on, land on or jump into the nets;
  3. The ball shall be “live” off all nets. Once a player has released the ball that player may not touch or regain possession until it is first touched by another player or makes contact with the goal ring. The nets must not be construed as “another player”;
  4. The nets may not be used to “pin” a player in such a manner as to prevent movement by said player.
  5. Penalty: Penalty Pass or Shot on court close to the point from where the infringer was standing.
The positions for Indoor Netball are as Follows:
  • Goal Shooter (GS) attacking goal third and circle
  • Goal Attack (GA) attacking goal third and circle, centre third
  • Wing Attack (WA) attacking goal third and centre third excluding the goal circle 
  • Centre (C) all thirds excluding the goal circles
  • Wind Defence (WD) defensive goal third and centre third excluding the goal circle
  • Goal Defence (GD) defensive third and circle, centre third
  • Goal Keeper (GK) defensive third and circle
Mixed Team rules
1. There is a minimum of 2 females and a maximum of 3 males
2. A team may play with a minimum of 1 male
3. The male players must play in the following areas:
  • 1 goal shooter or goal attack
  • 1 centre court player
  • 1 goal defence or goal keeper
4. If only 2 males are able to play then they must play in a goal defence or goal keeper AND a goal
    shooter or goal attack position. Therefore, no male will be in a centre court position.

Centre Rules for Netball
  1. Each team must have 7 registered players and may have substitutes.
  2. Teams may play with a minimum of 5 players.
  3. The duration of the game is 4 x 10 minute quarters, 1 minute between quarter times and 1 minute for half time.
  4. In the case of injury or blood, a player may be substituted and return later in the game as long as no blood is evident on skin or clothing in the case of a blood ruling.
  5. Substitutes cannot take place during a game without notifying the umpire of the substitution and reason. It is at the umpire’s discretion if a player can be substituted. Penalty for substituting players without notification is a free pass to the non-offending team at the place of entry of the offending player.
  6. You may NOT use the nets to fall into in the event of being pushed or going off balance.
  7. Penalty is a free pass to the non-offending team.
  8. Please refer to Net Abuse Ruling for any other net infringements.
  9. If no C, the WD takes the centre passes with the WA defending the WD while the opposing WA/WD stand behind the attacking transverse line.
  10. If a team is not ready to take the court with the minimum number of players 5 minutes after the beginning of the game, the game will be awarded as a forfeit and game forfeit rules will apply.
  11. When a player is sent off the court, no replacement or team changes are permitted unless the player is the WD. In this instance another person on court will move to the WD position and their position will remain vacant.
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The link below provides more information and the policies full conditions are available from
Ultimate Indoor Sports Pty Ltd or Indoor Sports NSW.
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